WHat is good quality digitazing?


YodaWhat Does Good Digitizing Mean?

There are three factors that contribute to a beautiful embroidery design that sews in a fluid fashion with little or no interruptions:


   1. The design. The design has to be fastidiously created with the machine, material, needle, thread, backings, laws of physics and desired outcome in mind through the entire process.  The choice and size of each element as well as the stitch properties have to be continuously tweaked to arrive at a “fluid running”, “knock your socks off” design.  We’ll explore that later.


   2. The machine. The machine has to be kept in superior running condition.  That means proper cleaning and lubrication as well as running it within its performance boundaries.  When the machine requires service, use factory trained personnel or if self-servicing , keep all adjustments and regulations to the same tight tolerances as the factory prescribes.


  3. The operator. The operator must be trained in the operation of the machine, operator console and the networked operating system.  Trace all designs so you do not crash into hoops and use appropriate backing and warranted hooping fixtures and fabric tensions.


That being said, what does good digitizing mean?


Good Digitizing can be assessed in two equal areas of design criteria:


    1.Artistic quality. Artistic quality is the factor that makes the design come alive. Using a children’s coloring book as a metaphor, the pages have illustrations without color.  One person may choose to scribble in the color, not paying attention to “staying within the lines” or a uniform amount of color within elements.  This is obviously not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  Another person my chose to meticulously color-in each section and render an illustration that is much more appealing to the eye.  A third individual may choose to color the same outline with multiple colors, creating depth and perspective, while rendering an illustration more like a photograph than a simple coloring.

    Artistically these differences are usually a function of the time invested and skill sets possessed by the digitizer.  As a rule, the outcome is usually a result of the time and effort invested.


   2.Performance quality. Performance quality is the factor the makes or breaks money for the embroiderer. If the elements within a design are meticulously chosen, sectioned and assigned proper properties, the design should run with little or no thread breaks, no looping, no distortion, no fabric puckering, no holes in the garment, proper color coverage, no separation of sections, clean line resolution, crisp lettering, etc. Paying close attention to these details for each design will result in new production opportunities, flawless garments and eventually more customers.