Embroidery Prices

To determine the embroidery price of your design, please consider the following:

1. Unit base price to be informed.

2. Color.

     Luxi Design offers a variety of colors and threads. Luxi Design charges $0.5 extra per piece and per color for designs with more than 7 colors.

3. Metallic Thread.

     Metallic Thread raises the base price $0.5 per 1000 stitches.


Digitizing Prices

Minimum Charge: $35/design

Digitizing: $10/1000 stitches

Tape Edit: $ 10 to 20

Any Logo over 10000 stitches may have some discount subject to the complexity and color variety of the logo.


Sample Prices:

Luxi Design makes all samples in the exact color, placement, and fabric specified by the customer.


Piece(s) Price
1 5.00/pc
2-5 4.00/pc
6-10 3.00/pc

Based on a stitches count less then 5500 stitches per sample, higher stitches count result in a higher sample price.